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This is called Miracle Skin Perfector – daily all-in-one BB cream. It claims to:

  • Even tone and boost glow
  • Blur imperfections
  • Smooth fine lines
  • Hydrate for 24hrs

It also has an SPF 15.

The Packaging


Eh, it’s nothing special. It’s a 50ml plastic tube in a beige-y colour. It’s got a cap you have to lift up and you squeeze the cream out. Nothing special, does what it has to do.



The Product 

I found the consistency to be thick. The colour matched well, maybe slightly light but the next shade was too dark and made me look orange.


I spread it around a bit to show the consistency better

It had a tendency to go cakey. I wanted light coverage which this was good for, but I didn’t like the texture of it on my skin. It looked a little funny. It looked better on my cheeks and chin than it did on my forehead.

It feels lightweight while wearing it, but because I have oily skin, this started to wear off quickly.

There isn’t much of a colour choice for this – you either get Light, Medium or Dark.


What did it do for your skin?

Initially, I liked this product. After a while though, I noticed I started getting under-the-skin bumps. My forehead is very picky with what I put on it and this did not suit my forehead – it made it really oily and was causing me to break out constantly.

On my cheeks and chin though, it was good. It looked a little cakey so I wasn’t a massive fan of the texture but for casual use, it’s fine. It did give my skin a glowy, dewy look and hydrated too. I was starting to get those annoying bumps on my cheeks though, so I stopped using it.


Would you recommend it? 

This is a no-no for oily skin, even if you use a little bit. It will probably work better for other skin types but if you have oily skin, skip this. Otherwise, for casual, light coverage this is fine. It’s £9.99 for 50ml.


I was on the lookout for a light foundation that would cover up my hyper-pigmentation marks while they’re in the process of fading. I don’t really need heavy coverage, a light coverage is fine. I was using Garnier’s BB cream but decided to stop using it because it was breaking me out.

Cue Max Factor Facefinity 3 in 1. This is a liquid foundation – though you can buy it in compact form which I haven’t tried yet (but want to!). I bought it on a whim when I was travelling. I was going out to a dinner to a really nice place and wanted a decent foundation. This looked fine, so I just bought it.

This claims to be a primer, concealer and foundation all in one. At the store, it was marketed as a heavy-duty foundation.

The Packaging 


The foundation is in a glass bottle with a pump. The packaging is actually really nice, looks classy, though the lid does get dirty with dried up foundation.

When I first used the foundation, I accidentally pressed down on the pump too hard so a lot of product came out. Way more than I needed.  So just be a bit careful if you plan on using this.



The Product 

I love this foundation. The colour fits really well and the consistency of this foundation is good as well. It’s not too runny, not too thick.


It’s marketed as a foundation that gives heavy coverage but it’s upto you on what type of coverage you need. You can build up the foundation for more coverage. Usually I need only some sort of light coverage and it works really well.  Yesterday, though, I got this massive spot on my forehead and had to build up the foundation, but it still looked good, not cakey unless you looked really close up.

While wearing it, it feels lightweight and gives a matte look. Not very matte, there’s still a slight dewy glow but if you have the type of skin that becomes oilier as the day goes on, then this keeps it in check without making your skin feel dry. You don’t need to reapply it.

I don’t use primers, so I’m not sure how well this works as a primer – but as a foundation and concealer, top marks.

There are also a lot of colour choices, 6 altogether: Light Ivory, Warm Almond, Natural, Beige, Golden and Bronze.


What did it do for your skin?

Well, for one thing Facefinity has SPF 20 in it so that definitely gives it bonus points! That’s pretty high for a drugstore foundation.

It gives my skin a really lovely, glowing, fresh look. It doesn’t break me out either, especially on my forehead which is a major plus. I’ve also noticed that my forehead doesn’t become oily with this on but it doesn’t feel dry either.

This foundation also seems to improve the condition of my skin which I think just happens to be a lucky side-effect. It calms down any spots/pimples I may have too.

I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and wearing it the whole day. This hasn’t broke me out yet – so far so good. If it does, I’ll be editing this review to let you guys know.


Would I recommend it? 

Yes! If you have oily skin or combination skin especially, try this out. I have oily skin and it seems to work really well for me.  I bought this from boots for £11.99 (30ml). A bit pricy, but it’s worth it.