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Okay so I got this purse a few months ago for my birthday and I LOVE it. I love Fossil as it is – their bags, purses, key-rings, watches, there’s nothing of theirs that I don’t like. I leave drool all over their shop floor whenever I visit. Okay, not really but you get what I’m trying to say! šŸ˜‰


The fabric on the purse is thick, coated and smooth. The design is very kitsch; it’s got swans all over with multi-coloured wings. It has the typical Fossil logo with aĀ key-lockĀ on a metal plate. The purse is pretty big and it gets heavy when it’s completely full. It’s got so many compartments that I can’t help filling it with things I don’t really need (like little chocolates and souvenirs :P).Ā 


The zip-pull is so cute on this! The key’s about 1.5 in long and the zip goes all the way around. There’s a zipped compartment at the back of the purse too which I use for loose change.


The lining in the compartment is pink with diamond shaped polka dots (matches the strip at the front of the purse). The compartment doesn’t really open that far, I was pulling it for the photo, but I don’t put too much change in here because it ends being hard to get out.


Haha, my purse is a mess. I emptied it out a bit for this post, so you can imagine what it must’ve been like!

I’ve got all these useless receipts I have to sort out. So anyway, inside there areĀ 3 compartments altogether. Two of them, I use for notes and stuffing receipts in. The middle compartment is zipped so I use that mostly for coins/change. I also keep useful things like plasters, chocolates and surprise mobile top-ups. Hey, you never know when you’ll need them!

The middle compartment also has a brown leather pocketĀ stitchedĀ to it. I’ve only just noticed this haha. It’s actually a pretty big pocket, useful for medical/dental appointment cards or something. I end up losing mine anyway though šŸ˜€

On each side of the purse, there are 6 card slots, so 12 altogether. When I first got the purse, I was like whoa, there are so many card slots! I’m not going to use all of them! I’m now using 10 of them šŸ˜› I have my boots card, subway card, body-shop card, tesco clubcard…you get the picture šŸ˜€

There are two massive slots right at each end of the purse behind the card slots. I keepĀ souvenirĀ cards and stuff in those. I never look at them, I just like keeping them in there.

The lining inside is again pink with diamond shaped polka dots. At the bottom left, (you can just about see the corner of it in the above photo) there’s a blue-green stitched label that says ‘Keyper’ with Fossil written underneath.

Fossil also makes really reaaaally nice leather purses in jewel colours. Their leather is amazing and extremely soft. They make nice bags too. And watches. And key rings. And I’m going to repeat myself so I’ll end it here.

I hope you guys enjoyed the review!

Till later! xxx